Print is sustainable. Printed pieces are easily recycled. Taking it one step further requires a commitment. We only use 100% renewable energy. We only invest in technology that improves our efficiency. In the end we’ve minimized our impact on the environment, our commitment, which is part of everything we print.

WindOur facility is 100% powered by wind. Don’t look up when visiting, there are no turbines.  Rest assured you wouldn’t be the first person to do that. A big part of our commitment is using this energy. Take advantage of using this Green-e® certified energy by mentioning it on your next printed piece. Your customers will appreciate it.

Based on our current energy use over a 3 year period we’ll cut CO2 emissions equivalent to:

  • 279,010 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 2,732,141 pounds of coal burned
  • 5,741 barrels of oil consumed
  • 420 homes' electricity use for one year
  • 316,224,465 number of smartphones charged

FSC CertificationFSC® ensures wood related products, think paper, are sourced from responsibly managed forests. As a FSC® certified printer we can keep the chain of sustainability in one piece. By placing a FSC® logo on a printed page you are sending the message to your customers that you care about the environment. When the next project comes around ask us about using FSC® labels; it’s a simple way to send a powerful message.

For more information about FSC® check out their website.