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Mail & Fulfillment FAQ

Where does the indicia go?

There are not strict guidelines, as a general rule of thumb it should be above and to the right of the delivery address.

Can FP supply a mailing list?

Yes, we have access to mailing lists ranging from specific target markets to saturation.

How much does postage cost?

Please refer to the Rates page.

What is bulk mailing? 

Bulk mailing is larger quantities of mail prepared for mailing at a reduced rate. Think of it as like shopping retail versus wholesale. Bulk mailing being wholesale – it’s less expensive and less steps taken by the post office. The mailing list is processed in-house, certified, sorted, bar code applied and tray tags are printed at our location and it’s sent off to the post office.

When will a piece arrive at its destination if it’s sent first class, non-profit, or standard?

Delivery times are not guaranteed by the Post Office. On average that first-class mail will be delivered within 3 to 5 days. Non-profit and standard mail will be delivered within 7 to 10 days. Postal regulations allow non-profit or standard mail to remain at each distribution facility for up to 72 hours. During a very busy mail period (winter Holidays!!) first class will be handled first, then pre-sorted standard and lastly non-profit.

What is Every Door Direct all about?

It’s a fancy marketing term the post office developed. The long and short is it is saturation mail. It’s most effective when used by a local business (say a hair salon or pizza shop) looking to reach potential customers near its business in the same city/town.

My company is non-profit – does that mean we can use non-profit rates?

Not necessarily. Non-profit companies must complete a status form with the post office in order to get non-profit rates. Not all non-profits (Credit Unions!) are allowed to use this so be sure to check before moving forward.

Do I need my own postal indicia?

No, we have our own you can use free of charge.

What is NCOA Certification?

National Change of Address. The mailing software we use will check your mailing list against the NCOA database. If someone has moved or an address has changed the errors are identified and corrected prior to mailing. For a fee you can purchase a NCOA report which can be used to update your mailing list.