Tips from the experts

File Preparation Tips

For Adobe InDesign Files:

  • Send fonts and links when sending native design files. Go to “File” > “Package” to have the software gather up links and fonts.
  • When sending a PDF make sure it is “print ready”. This means high resolution, with 1/8” bleeds, with crops, and with all fonts embedded.
  • Do not build files with spot colors if the intent is to print standard 4 color process inks. Only build files with spot colors if you are purchasing a PMS ink.
  • If you are not designing a book, be sure the “Facing Pages” box is unchecked.
  • Always send PDFs in single pages. Never reader spreads or printer spreads.
  • Photographs and images should be 300ppi and CMYK color mode.
  • Blacks should be 100% K, never use Registration Black.
File Prep Checklist for Folding Cartons: